"Rolfing does not "cure" symptoms. The goal of Rolfing is a more resilient, higher energy system. The organism then is itself better able to defend against illness and overcome stress, and the greater energy does its own beneficial work in healing and relaxing."

~ Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

Benefits of Rolfing®Animals

Any animal that is suffering from stiffness, pain, gait problems and other movement limitations resulting from injury, disease, surgery, trauma, abuse, old age, or behavioral problems can benefit from a Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI) session.

Cats that no longer leap to their favorite counter, dogs that compete a bit too enthusiastically in agility competitions or field trials; horses recovering from lameness, colic, surgery, or founder; and birds with injured wings are further examples.parrot

Rolfing® SI has been known to aid recovery from secondary or tertiary responses to trauma—the muscle spasms, soreness and compensatory patterns that linger long after the wounds heal.  Practitioners and clients sing the praises of Rolfing® for correcting behavioral problems associated with certain traumas and even abuse.

Rolfing® SI as Prevention
Rolfing® SI is beneficial for all animals, both in terms of prevention and cure.  It can be done as a preventative measure when animals are young, to lay the foundation for a long and healthy life.

With regard to problems or illnesses inherent in an animal, from hip to shoulder dysplasia and autoimmune issues, to arthritis and tightness, Rolfing® can help address all those conditions.

Sweetie Pie Sled dog puppyConsider a puppy that receives a Rolfing® session at the beginning of life, before their problems have set in. It may take one session; two or more if the animal has more difficult breeding or is bigger. That is a small investment for a lifetime of an aligned structure. Not only is that structure important for hips and shoulders, but a dog who has experienced a Rolfing® session is a healthier dog in general.

In terms of chronic health problems, some early Rolfing® sessions in the first year can create a more resilient and healthier immune system. The Rolfing®  process can soothe an animal’s nervous system and can help them become much more settled.

Rolfing® SI for Allergies
Allergy problems can be helped by Rolfing® SI because it helps move the energy through the tissues. Rolfing® SI increases circulation and gets the body working appropriately allowing the force of gravity to flow through and facilitate the healing process.

The effects of vaccinations is another issue in which Rolfing® SI is helpful in addressing. In some animals, vaccinations can cause skin allergies as well as joint and muscle problems. The fact is dogs have to be vaccinated to go to dog training, to get on airplanes, or to cross state lines. Even owners who don’t want to vaccinate their dogs end up having to do so. In some animals, vaccination can cause skin allergy, joint and muscle problems. Rolfing® SI is beneficial for a post-vaccinated dog.

Reaching Potential: Animals as Athletes
Owners and trainers of performance horses and dogs find Rolfing®  SI especially useful as both a remedy for the aches and strains that inevitably accompany athletes, Horsebut also as a tune-up strategy to keep them primed for competition. With sporting athletes, as part of their athletic training, Rolfing®  SI keeps them agile, pliable and athletic.




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